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[Our Changing World, Christians acting like Christ .

Thank you for visiting our new Internet site  We are excited about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The world today is changing fast.  We have advanced so far in technology,Science,the Arts but yet not so much in a Spiritual sense with God Almighty.  In fact, it seems that we are determine to divorce ourselves from His holy word.  We make laws that are contrary to the commands and the very essence of who God is.  The time is now that we as believers must shine forth,  because the time is drawing near for Christ's return.     

We hope to inspire you as believers to think outside of the box.  The church mentality of today is to have programs that entertain the masses, but the power to change the life of someone who don't know Christ is lacking in depth.  Our goal is to bring back into focus the urgent need to cry out before the throne of God, for his grace and power to change a nation.   We as believers must seek God's wisdom for answers to our present condition.  While we show a form of godliness , we deny the power of it,  2 Ti 3:5.   Jesus commanded His disciples to wait for the promise of the Holy Ghost, so that they  shall be witnesses unto Him, Acts 1:4, 8 .  We need His power and presence today more than ever before.  He was sent to us the church, to give us God's grace and power to function as  ambassadors in a foreign land.  

Pastors Charlie and Shirley  Dunn  welcome you to the web-site as well as to our physcial location:  870 Highway 41East, Trenton, NC

In the meantime you can reach us at 252-448-1028. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address :christianfaithassembly@centurylink.net